Le Phong Handicraft Co.,Ltd

 Raw rattan material from jungles in Vietnam, located on Tropical Area - Mother-land of this kind of material.
we are starting to grow rattan tree in moutain area for keeping stable sources in long term. It makes our advantages for supplying Banneton. 

Le Phong Handicraft Co.,Ltd

 Drying raw rattan on sunshine.

Skillful Craft-man with nail shooting gun.

 Making shape and size by high skillful craft-man. Using stainless nails with guns.

 After keeping shapes with stainless nail, raw products will be drying on yards under tropical sunlight in our own Factory -  Vietnam country.

Drying room with heat flow from engines.

 An important step in finishing is keeping products drying enough evenly in raining days or high humid season, keep stable humidity level under 15% before packing. Aiming to an active production control for delivery on time.

Quality Control Area

 Quality Control is an important step in production line in our Factory. The QC staffs will check banneton basket one by one carefullly. it aims to make sure that every basket is delivered to Clients or even end-user in best quality.

 Hanging Tags and Label upon Client's requirement.

 Paper wrapping each banneton Basket keeping dry before put into carton box.